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International Jurists Union Meeting in Konya
Press statement of NGO based in Turkey

The meeting of International Jurists Union in Konya was held with the participation of jurists from various countries. In the opening speech, the president of International Jurists Union, Necati Ceylan, said that many jurists and human rights activists from different countries had participated in the meeting.

Ceylan, who said that they had founded International Jurists Union independent from the commissions and states, “in order to protect the human rights and honor and establish the justice and superiority of Law principle, continued: “We have adopt as a principle to live in harmony and protect all existences in the world, with the conscious of all existences are given to the human beings as trust”.

Ceylan said:
"We are working to spread the view that all rights and freedoms primarily right to live, freedom, equality, fair trial, individual security of every individual as a reputable member of the humanity family no matter what are her/his color, language, gender, political view, philosophical idea, and social identity, should be taken under the guaranty of the law in accordance with the human honor and pride.”

In the meeting of International Jurists Union, the Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said, “InshAllah - Hopefully, an elected government, which comes to the power with the people’s will, shall be established in Syria”. In relation to the Syrian army’s bombing Aleppo, Davutoğlu described it as “a sign of the degree of the cruelty”.

In the meeting of International Jurists Union in Konya, Ahmet Davutoğlu, Foreign Affairs Minister, touched upon the events in Syria. Davutoğlu, who said that the elected governments came to the power in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, spoke as follows:

"The change has also begun in Yemen. Hopefully, an elected government, which comes to the power with the people’s will, shall be established in Syria and a concept which requires the state presidents, who are always accountable and elected with the will of the people based on law, are equal to the citizens before the law begins in our region. For this, first of all, the political structures and states should gain the character of the states of law; all people should be equal before the law. This is a sine qua non. In such as period, the existence of the organizations such as International Jurists Union and a political view that pay importance to the law in human rights is indispensible.”

Judicial System

Saying that there are important works to be done in three levels in the near future period, Davudoglu continued:

"Firstly, to have every state to adopt an approach that a judicial system is based human rights, through internal legal regulations. Second, both in the region an Islamic world, to work to provide the international law to be applied in the region in accordance with our own values and the values that these foundations are based on. Third, to increase the degree of representation of our societies in all international organizations including UN and all legal entities such as European Union Human Rights Court and to offer a new approach allowing international legal system a fair approach to the world"

The Metropolitan Municipality Mayor of Konya, Tahir Akyurek, specified that the most important concepts in the world which shall never lose their significance are human rights, protection of freedoms, chastity, honor and taking generation security under a guaranty and superiority of Law.

The Bar President of Riyadh, Muhammad Dhan Yon Alanazi, said that they had positive view and expectations when the International Criminal Court had been established and continued his speech as follows:

"We were thinking that the ‘honorless ones who behave unfairly will confront the penalty they deserve from now on’ when the courts were established. Unfortunately, we witness that these courts are also contaminated by the policy, and the policy of the strongest sides which is based on unfairness has dominated these courts. For this reason, the policy should be removed from these courts as soon as possible."

The Bar President of Konya, Fevzi Kayacan drew attention to the fact that the Muslims are exposed to cruelty despite of the holy month. Saying that this was heart-wrenching, Kayacan spoke: "I would like to state that I regard International Jurists Union and it is an establishment that should have been founded for a long time ago. I consider it very meaningful that this meeting was held in Konya.”

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