Muslim Lawyers Business Service

• Are you looking for legal advice in a Muslim country?
• Do you need an expert's report or opinion for a specific legal question?
• Are you looking for a lawyer who can give you further support?

Turn to the MUSLIM LAWYERS Business Service. We will advise you as to the choice of suitable specialists or specialist-lawyers available for a specific legal question. Of course, we would gladly offer our help regarding other questions.

This service is available, at the moment, mainly in:
- Turkey
- United Arab Emirates
- Kuwait
- Malaysia
- Macedonia
- Indonesia
but also in other countries where MUSLIM LAWYERS members are registered.

Simply send us an e-mail or fill in the form at the bottom of this page. We will call you back if you wish. Unfortunately this service, on account of the high administration and communication costs, is not free. We will respond to your e-mail immediately, let you know if we can supply you with the necessary information and how much it will cost. Following your confirmation, you will receive a reply within a few days.

Report Your Case If you would like to describe your legal case to us, if you need help or if you want to draw attention to the fate of Muslims on our NEWS-Page, then send your e-mail to us.

MUSLIM LAWYERS is also pleased to accept reports about the individual and general fate of Muslims from all over the world. Please inform us of cases and facts which you think the MUSLIM LAWYERS should deal with. We would also be happy to receive contributions to our JOURNAL.

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