The IZ Medien Service "MUSLIM LAWYERS GUILD" is a service for the Ummah and foranybody dealing with Muslims or Islamic countries. On this home-page any Muslim facing a legal problem can find professional legal help anywhere in the world. In this way "MUSLIM LAWYERS GUILD" is a resource system which will enable you to find lawyers all over the world. This service is also very important for the Muslim businessmen, who will be the key players in the coming global markets. It is also a welcome service for non-muslim businessmen in non-Islamic countries who are searching for legal advice for their efforts in the Islamic countries and in the growing Islamic Market.

Most of the lawfirms of the Guild are professionally qualified to deal with all fields of law. The "MUSLIM LAWYERS GUILD" network also makes possible a dialogue between members about the decisive legal problems of the Ummah of today and so will build up a database resource of case-studies and legal precedents to assist in the resolution of legal disputes. "MUSLIM LAWYERS GUILD" is connected world-wide, bridging countries and continents. The service is, of course, also available to non-Muslim lawyers who are active in Islamic Countries, or interested in the themes and in the involved legal problems of Muslims or Muslim Countries or who simply want to attract Muslim clients from around the world. "MUSLIM LAWYERS GUILD" wants to provide full information about all legal problems which are touched upon wherever the Muslims are. Last, but not least , "MUSLIM LAWYERS GUILD" is also working to build friendship and profound understanding between Europeans and Muslims.


"MUSLIM LAWYERS GUILD" will also help to ensure that Muslims around the world are treated in accordance with national and international law. Wherever the religious rights of Muslims are infringed "MUSLIM LAWYERS GUILD" will be a united voice for the protection of those Muslims. For this reason part of the service is also the EUROPEAN COMMISSION which will take on specific cases of higher importance for the well-being of the Ummah in Europe. The EUROPEAN COMMISSION will take care of the legal situation of all Muslims living in Europe and will be an organ for the protection of the legal and constitutional religious rights of the Muslims.

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