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“The government could have stopped this”
The situation in Burma has long been tense. By Abu Bakr Rieger

(gm). “The government could have stopped this.” That is the grim title of the latest report by the Human Rights Watch about recent events in Burma. According to press reports, a woman was raped by three Muslims who were subsequently sentenced to death, following which Buddhist locals killed 10 uninvolved Muslims in an arbitrary revenge attack. Yet the pattern of violence and recrimination that broke out in June and July between Muslims and Buddhists cannot hide the underlying responsibility of the Burmese government. more

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Leaked proposal for EU-US trade deal increases business power in decision-making
Third round of negotiations for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) begins today in Washington

Saudi Arabia condems suicide attack
"Killing oneself is a grave crime and a grave sin"

Thousands of Indonesian women trafficked to Hong Kong face exploitation and risk domestic
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